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Software requirements

This website requires a modern and up to date browser.

Chrome and Firefox are our suggested browsers for best experience although recent Edge and Safari browsers are also supported. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

Hardware requirements

The VR and Pedestal 3D components are graphics intensive experiences and performance will be directly impacted by the graphics capabilities of the device. Older computers and mobile devices may not function in all areas of the site. We also recommend a minimum of 16GB of RAM. Performance can be increased by closing other applications and closing other browser windows and tabs.

Any VR headset can be used, however, Google Cardboard style viewers will need a high-end high-spec device inside.

Internet and bandwidth requirements

We have designed the site to be as low bandwidth capable as possible. We do recommend a good broadband internet connection or 4G mobile minimum.

FUN FACT: The entire VR section of website is about 1GB which is equivalent to watching about 20 minutes of an HD Netflix show.

The Pedestal components are approx. 40MB each. The deep zoom components only stream images when needed at the resolution you are looking at. Therefore, the usage is variable but generally low.

Website structure

On the website, all 50 of the Bodies of Work are presented with their own page, a plaque and every individual component presented separately.

These can be discovered through the pages for each expressive form or through the main Bodies of Work page which contains all 50 works.

Navigating the virtual gallery

To enter the main gallery, either select the gallery button on the homepage or select ENTER VR from the menu on any page. The gallery has the bodies of work grouped by expressive form. Follow the signage to find the form and work you wish to see.

When you select a body of work in the main gallery, you will be transported the individual room for that work. In the room, there are buttons on the left and right walls to go directly to the next work, return to the gallery or return to the website page for that work. From that page, you can return directly to the work room as well.

Some works include an Enter button on either the plinth or the right side of the main wall. Pressing that button will transport you INTO the work itself. To return to the gallery room, LOOK UP. There is a button above your head to return.

NOTE: These are creative interpretations/presentations of the work by the project team and not the artist. We have tried to stay faithful to the work and simply present it is a different way as afforded by the VR medium.

The VR components are delivered in a unified way to enable use in both a browser AND VR headsets.

Browser based virtual gallery controls

Function Mouse Keyboard Touch
Move around the scene Double click on ground
Scroll wheel - forward/back
Right click and drag - left/right
W,A,S,D (holding shift to double speed) Double tap on ground
Two finger pinch - forward/back
Two finger drag - left/right
Rotate the camera Left click and drag Arrow keys One finger drag
Elevate camera up/down Right click and drag - up/down Q,E keys - R key resets to default Two finger drag - up/down
Select work/button Left click Centre reticule* on item and press return key Single tap

* When using keyboard controls, a reticule point will appear in the centre of view. It will disappear when using a mouse.

VR headset virtual gallery controls

If you view the website through a capable headset, you can select the VR button located at the bottom right corner of the gallery page.

Function Headset WITHOUT controller Headset WITH controller
Move around the scene Look at ground. A blue circle will appear. Tap to teleport. Point controller at ground. A blue circle will appear. Pull trigger to teleport.
Select work/button Look at work. Orange outline will appear. Tap to select. Point controller at work. Orange outline will appear. Pull trigger to select.
Rotate your position Look around! Look around! Also use joystick left/right to rotate orientation.
Elevate camera up/down N/A Joystick forward/back

For individual work components accessed from the individual art work web pages, there are separate controls for 2D and 3D components.

2D component viewer controls

2D components of artworks are delivered in a deep zoom viewer.

Function Mouse Keyboard Touch
Zoom in and out Scroll wheel -,= keys Two finger pinch
Move around the work Left click and drag W,A,S,D keys or arrow keys One finger drag
Return to default Click home icon 0 key Tap home icon

You can also use the small map located top right to jump to a specific point of the work or quickly move around.

3D component viewer controls

3D components of artworks are delivered using the Pedestal 3D platform.

Function Mouse Keyboard Touch
Zoom in and out Scroll wheel -,= keys Two finger pinch
Rotate the camera Left click and drag Arrow keys One finger drag
Pan the camera Right click and drag W,A,S,D keys Two finger drag
Centre view on point Double click on point N/A Double tap on point