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Chloe Arathoon

Narrabeen Sports High School



White raku, glass marbles, glaze

My body of work is a clear response to coral bleaching and plastic pollution in the ocean. My ceramic reef systems represent what's occurring all around the globe, with pieces of plastic making the imbalance between nature and manufactured waste evident. While maintaining visual appeal, the plastic stands as a cruel reminder of how the synthetic elements effortlessly intertwine with the organic construction of coral reefs. Glass marbles create depth in the crevices of my sculptures and, combined with the pieces of plastic, help the audience to visually recognise how coral starve, leaving their ‘bleached’ skeleton behind.

My artmaking practice has been influenced by the study and interpretation of the following artists: Calan Ree, Jeff Koons, Aurora Robson.

Marker's Commentary

This series of ceramic forms comments on current ecological concerns around coral bleaching and the threat of human waste on the long-term survival of coral reefs and oceans. Using the raw desiccated properties of the fired white clay body with limited colour and glazing as well as plastic additions, the work successfully communicates visually the concept of bleaching. The work’s four forms incorporate a range of ceramic techniques for surface treatment such as carving, stamping and sculptural additions on complex individual colonies that can be configured as a combined sculptural installation.