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Georgia Verastegui

Figtree High School



Graphite pencil on paper

My body of work explores the theme of my own LGBTQI+ identity. I chose this concept because I am constantly re-evaluating who I am or who I could be in relation to my own identity as well as my place within society, and considering how these re-evaluations are affected by the people around me. I used monochrome black and white to challenge the perception of identity as 'colourful' subject matter, turning it into something basic, requiring viewers to look deeper into the work. My intent is to represent how important your identity is to yourself, and how it may appear multifaceted yet simple to those around you.

My artmaking practice has been influenced by the study and interpretation of the following artists: Diego Fazio, Kelvin Okafor.

Marker's Commentary

Pride is a highly resolved, articulate and engaging series of drawings demonstrating expertly controlled and sensitive drawing practice. Careful observation and confident manipulation of the drawing media is sustained in the convention of photorealism. The choice of monochromatic representation allows the viewer to focus attention thoughtfully on the subject of the works. Conceptually the body of work knowingly uses the artist herself as subject matter, following in the footsteps of a rich history of the self-portraits being a window into the psyche of the artists, almost as a channel to their inner thoughts. The strength of the direct gaze in the middle panel challenges the audience, highlighting the subject’s strength while accenting the duality of her fragility, through the expert, refined execution of the delicate lace embroidery of her shirt.