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Lauren Wang

James Ruse Agricultural High School



Charcoal pencil

After asking others about the meaning of my body of work, I have come to realise that its true meaning lies within your subjective interpretation – whether it be the fragility of memory; how friends can become fragments of a past life; the lifeless homogeneity of everyday life; the loss of individuality due to the pressures of a conformist society; or something else.

My artmaking practice has been influenced by the study and interpretation of the artist Adam Riches.

Artist Interview

Marker's Commentary

de faced is a confident work that richly constructs a contemplative investigation and interpretation of facial forms. The self-assured line flows and curves over the surface layering upon itself, creating overlapping portraits that evoke the buzz of people moving past us physically and in our thoughts. Faces crowd together, intersecting and fluently interweaving to form the construction of the central portrait. A multitude of distorted faces flow in an inventive manner, illuminating the many moods and fragments of experience. The inventive undulation of the line simultaneously reveals and veils fragments of the interactions and relationships with people.