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Bodhi McAllister Leonard

The King's School



My body of work comments on the impermanence of man made structures contrasted by the everlasting powerful ocean.

Marker's Commentary

This Body of Work seeks to explore strategies in how the photo essay of a site can be interpreted by also including related 3D sculptural objects. The images of coastal architecture act as a metaphoric signifier in the process of erosion and rust. The choice of colour enhance the built environment in the pictorial form of ruin and isolation. The varying landscape photographs and detailed images of the corrosion across the structures successfully amplify the conceptual investigation of entropy. This fusion of varying visual references presents an active negotiation between the macro photography and sculptural elements to further heighten the sense of decay in the coastal landmarks. The work offers a multiple richness of interpretation as there are differing viewpoints presented in the images and a visual coherency that encapsulates the presence of time over a coastal place.