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Zachary Elphick

The Scots College



Metallic paint on acrylic

Escaping the Psychle explores the limitations of human thought and the notion of a universal consciousness that traps us within a cycle of thought, limiting us from being able to think freely. Using light, scale and unconventional metallic sculpting materials I have overcome the physical limits of the sculptural medium, creating a kinetic sculpture which represents the mental entrapment that we all face. The deliberate incorporation of the symbolic human figure and over sixty unique cog designs invites the audience to visualise this subconscious entrapment, prompting the question, 'How do we escape the Psychle?'

My artmaking practice has been influenced by the study and interpretation of the following artists: Constantin Brancusi, Alberto Giacometti, Henry Moore, Seo Yeong-Deok, Alexander Calder.

Marker's Commentary

Stencil cut rounds of corroded and pitted metal, in varying cosmic patterns are joined together forming the celestial orbits of crystal spheres. Patinas of copper and steel are reproduced through astute applications of various paint colours and finishes.

Positive and negative spaces create enigmatic views within this asteroid, illuminating or obscuring its emptiness. Serra, Calder and Caro are intimated through the modernist material practice while the placement of the figure references the contemporary.

Symbolising our soul and spirit, Zachary Elphick’s sculpture represents our conscious and unconscious interrogation of the cosmos and our place within it.